BROOKLYN PARK, MN - (February 3, 2020) Piranha Medical, LLC, a medical device company with an innovative catheter solution for the treatment of esophageal food impaction announced a formal partnership with GI Supply, as the official distributor for the Piranha GI device across the US and other countries throughout the world.
Under the terms of the agreement, GI Supply will employ its sales, marketing, and e-commerce expertise to distribute the Piranha GI and subsequent products hereafter. The distribution agreement includes all geographies worldwide, including the United States. Financial details are not available at this time.
The Piranha GI device was designed and developed by Dr. Robert Ganz, an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the University of Minnesota, and Emeritus Chief of Gastroenterology at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Dr. Ganz holds several patents in the field of medicine and is a pioneer in the gastroenterology field of medicine. The Piranha GI meets the needs of the market and creating a safe and consistent tool to clear esophageal food impactions.
As the Chief Medical Officer of Piranha, Dr. Ganz offered, “GI Supply will be the perfect partner to help introduce this important technological advance in the field of esophageal food impaction. The Piranha device will help patients and endoscopists in clearing food in a safe, effective, and time-efficient manner.”
With the Piranha GI device now in full commercialization phase, working with GI Supply will create opportunities to introduce the Piranha GI device into new markets and address the life-threatening emergencies that come with food impaction mishaps. GI Supply has been distributing products since 1985, with a specific focus on working with gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons to find solutions to these medical challenges.
Michael Augustine, CEO of Piranha Medical, indicated, “This new partnership represents months of collaboration and discussion with GI Supply and the proper distribution channels needed to bring the Piranha GI device to the masses. GI Supply is a perfect fit for us as a company. We are so pleased with the response we have received from physicians and other specialists who have endorsed and accepted this product into their emergency rooms and treatment centers; we look forward to future opportunities this partnership will open up in the coming months. In addition to this partnership, Piranha Medical will continue to provide educational materials, training, and knowledge base information to GI Supply sales representatives that accurately and adequately speak to the benefits and advantages the Piranha GI device has compared to the current market competitors.

About GI Supply GI Supply what founded more than 30 years ago by Dr. Frank Jackson, a gastroenterologist and entrepreneur, to help solve many of the clinical challenges he faced in daily practice. The products he built in partnership with other GI physicians and nurses, help improve efficiency and patient satisfaction. Today, GI Supply products are used around the world daily by gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons in more than 40 countries.

Robert A Ganz, MD
We are proud to have such an amazing doctor on our team.
Since 2005, he has been an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Ganz has been very active on the medical staff of Abbott Northwestern Hospital, having most recently served on the Medical Board of Directors. Dr. Ganz has also been very active in national GI societies recently completing a term on the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) Governing Board. He is currently Chair of the ASGE Foundation Board for the ASGE Research Foundation.
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New Piranha LC Device Offers Alternative Therapy Treatment For COVID-19 Patients


Piranha Medical, LLC, a medical device company with several innovative catheter solutions in the gastrointestinal, pulmonary, and pancreatic markets, today, announced the release of its newest product, Piranha LC. The Piranha LC (Luminal Clearance) is a catheter-based device that has proven to be successful in multiple procedures. The first, an alternative methodology for the removal of mucus and lung lavage in severe COVID-19 patients. Second, the improved suction of necrotic tissue and pancreatic blood fluids for the management of necrotizing pancreatitis (NP) for Endoscopic transmural necrosectomy (ETN).

In recent weeks, the Piranha LC has provided an alternative treatment option for COVID-19 patients who require the removal of mucus and lung lavage for both testing and disease recovery purposes. COVID-19 patients have shown symptoms of coughing up sputum or thick phlegm from the lungs. Removal of this mucus is seen to be a challenge, especially with the limited resources at the disposal of physicians treating these patients. Through the use of a bronchoscope, which is an aerosol-generating procedure, poses substantial risks to the patients, staff, and doctors, where COVID-19 virus has the potential to infect others, causing the disease to spread. The Piranha LC offers a safer alternative than the current practice by enabling the deep mucus removal and lung lavage without aerosol generations using a patented filtered aspiration system, independent of a bronchoscope. This system enables a suitable intervention for ventilated patients without spreading the virus. The new use allows for the proper sampling of non-contaminated lung samples, which could not previously be performed.

Second, the Piranha LC allows for the proper suction of necrotic tissue, and pancreatic blood fluids in the catheter, leaving a field clear for proper visualization. The primary purpose of the Piranha LC device is to support the management of Necrotizing Pancreatitis (NP). Today, there are a variety of treatment techniques currently used; however, ETN procedures have begun to emerge as the preferred treatment over surgical and percutaneous treatments currently in place within this market. 

Michael Augustine, CEO of Piranha Medical, indicated, "The Piranha LC comes at a pivotal moment as the healthcare industry is seeking alternative methodologies and treatments to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. It enters the market and immediately fills a critical need in the fight against the disease. It is a safer alternative in protecting our frontline workers, and ultimately help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus."

The Piranha LC device will be available to the market, as early as April 18, 2020. The device is expected to be made available through a variety of channels, including direct purchase from Piranha Medical, or through their distribution partnership with GI Supply. Other distribution avenues, with larger medical device entities, are being considered but have not been announced at this time. 

For more information on this device and other Piranha products, please visit the PiranhaMedical.com website for more information.





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